Manufacturing, R&D, Export

We are supported by the state-of-the-art infrastructural base that spreads over a wide area for manufacturing quality assured products. We have systematically divided our infrastructure into various departments like production, quality control, R & D, sales and marketing, warehouse and logistics that are handled by our diligent personnel. The personnel working with us are carefully recruited after evaluating their knowledge, experience and skills. Moreover, our infrastructure is well-equipped with sophisticated machinery and cutting edge technology in order to carry out a smooth production process.

Silver Battery specialises in the manufacture and export of automotive batteries, inverter batteries, solar batteries, and other battery-related products. Our advanced production capabilities are supported by our strong infrastructure and technology, ensuring consistent quality and export rates. Our company has built a strong presence in many nations across the world and takes delight in selling automobile batteries, inverter batteries, and solar batteries to a number of different of western and eastern countries.

Silver Battery Manufacturing

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing is the backbone of our operations and the wing that is brimming with new ideas and possibilities. Manufacturing, in conjunction with an active R&D cell, is our primary focus and the foundation of our operations. Here are some statistics about our cutting-edge manufacturing facility. The suppliers of raw materials used in manufacturing are carefully chosen to ensure the logistical efficiency of our facility.

Research & Development

Silver Battery values scholarly debate and deliberation. The Silver Battery R&D Cell is the result of this admiration for the pursuit of a better life through innovation. The goal of this research and development cell is to spread a culture of curiosity and innovation: two elements that must be oiled on a regular basis to ensure that the world witnesses regular changes in the way of life. The goal is to provide a better tomorrow than yesterday. We were able to produce astounding results in the field of solar energy with a team of 25+ technicians, scholars, and scientists working around the clock.

Silver Battery R&D

Top Battery Supplier and Exporter in India

Export Facilities

We have one of India’s best manpower and export facilities. We have all of the modern amenities required to meet global client standards. We employ the latest packing methodologies and their safe transport on a daily basis with our 25+ skilled staff and expert engineers. Water, electricity, temperature control, and waste treatment are all available in our infrastructures. We follow all environmental regulations as one of India’s responsible automotive battery, inverter battery, and solar battery exporters in order to reduce battery waste and carbon footprint.

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