Automotive, Inverter, Solar Batteries

Silver Battery Manufactures is an industry leader in energy storage and solar solutions. Silver Battery offers a diverse range of products in batteries such as Tall Tubular batteries, tubular gel maintenance free batteries, solar batteries, batteries for E-rickshaw, automotive batteries, as well as a diverse range of inverters, solar panels, and solar products. We offer batteries ranging from 100 Ah to 250 Ah in tall tubular conventional and 100 Ah to 200 Ah in gel, with warranty months ranging from 18/24/30/36/42. These batteries are suitable for high-end applications, have a low self-discharge rate (3%), operate consistently even in high temperatures, are highly reliable, and charge quickly.


Automotive Batteries

Automotive Batteries

The whole line of automotive batteries supplied by Silver Battery is manufactured in a modern factory, making it India’s most reliable automotive battery manufacturer. Customers’ technical requirements were met by the factory.

Range: 25Ah ~ 220Ah

Inverter Batteries

Inverter Batteries

Silver Inverter Tubular batteries include tubular positive high pressure die casted plates that are designed to last longer. It features a flooded battery with electrolytes. All of these sophisticatexd batteries have been processed and are ready to go.

Range: 80Ah ~ 210Ah (C20)

Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Silver Solar Tubular batteries are made using tubular positive high pressure die casted plates that are designed to extend the life of the battery. It has an electrolyte-filled flooded battery design. All of these modern batteries have been prepared and are ready to use.

Range: 40Ah ~ 210Ah (C10)

SMF VRLA Battery Range

VRLA Batteries

Silver’s SMF VRLA batteries are crafted with a focus on delivering exceptional performance in deep cycling applications. Designed with state-of-the-art AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology, high-performance plates, and electrolyte, these batteries are ideal for high-end applications. They boast low self-discharge (<3%), operate consistently even in high temperatures, exhibit high reliability, and offer fast charging capabilities.

Range: 26Ah ~ 200Ah (C20)

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